MAG Swing Barrier (Model: SWB200)

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SWB200 is designed to be slimmest of all pedestrian gate. Slim form factor save space and allow you to put more gates to digest higher traffic. More glass surface that makes it look very elegant to elevate premium atmosphere of any building lobby. High speed advance servo motor is used to achieve faster pass through rate


Cabinet dimension
1500mm(L) X 1006(W) x 990mm (H)
Power and voltage
AC220V / AC85~ 230V
Machinery Mechanism
Lossless mechanism
Communication interface
RS485 /RS232
Passing speed
20-30 people / min
Operation Temperature
– 15 C~ 60 C
Operating voltage
DC 24V
Driving Motor
DC brushless motor
Rated power
Working Environtment
Humidity temperature
0 ~ 95%
Control/ output
6 channel relay control output/4- channel dry contact signal ooutput


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MAG Swing Barrier (Model: SWB200)

MAG Swing Barrier (Model: SWB200)