Mechanical Tripod Turnstile (Model: TTS350L)

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Power supply
AC230 ± 10V
Power consumption
Idle 16W

Operating: 38W
Response time
0.3 second
Pass speed
25 person per minute

TTS350L is an electro mechanical turnstiles. Its unique mechanical drive design allow the arm to be pushed effortlessly and auto-rotate back without any expensive electric motor.Simplified mechanism amd optimized housing thickness to meet lower budget requirement.

TTS350L can effectively control high volume human traffic ( up to 25 person per minutes ) while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. They can easily be integrated with any electronic system for ticketing, access control or time attendance.

TTS350L is suitable for indoor. They are optimized economical solution for railway, bus station, factory, colleges, commercial building, library, stadium, game park, bank and etc.


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Mechanical Tripod Turnstile (Model: TTS350L)

Mechanical Tripod Turnstile (Model: TTS350L)