Motorized Tripod Turnstile (Model: TTS450)

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The time we are living is enough advance and rich in technology. We are also becoming more dependent on technology. Modern technology gives us enough. But how much can we get?

We do many things to ensure our security. But, we mistake something sometimes. We are always concern about the beauty of the gate of our house, commercial building, office, and others. But, do we think enough about the security? Maybe not.

In this case, Motorized Tripod Turnstile can help you a lot. It is a device that can control the entry of the persons who are not allowed. Let’s take a look at its important features, functions, and the sight where it can be used.

Possible sites where we can use Motorized Tripod Turnstile:

The tripod turnstile is mainly used to the places where the need to regulate the entrance of any people. This tool is seen to be used on the gate of the corporate office, garments factory, park, and many places. Here we make a short list of some places where the tripod turnstile can be used.

  • Any Educational institution.
  • Factory.
  • Commercial building.
  • Corporate office.
  • Park.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Stadium.
  • Bank.
  • Any places where a lot of people enter.


This kit works as one type of gate. This tool has two longitudinal bars and one vertically. Two longitudinal bars stand on the surface and the rotatable tripod is attached with the vertical bar. The tripod rotates itself by a motor which is included with the turnstile gate. And a smart technology is included with the turnstile.

The turnstile gate has card reader option and the gate is open for the person who swipes the card. The card should be authorized and re-programmed with the machine.

The tripod has three arms as the name tells about itself. The angle between the bars is 120 degree. One bar opens the gate while a person goes through the gate. At the same time, another bar blocks the entrance and it will also open after receiving the authorized card.

The motor can rotate up to 800 times per minute. The motorized tripod turnstile gate can use by the regular power supply 230 ±10 volts. It also consumes low energy.

The gate can pass 25-32 persons per minute. So, there will be no problem of large people entrance in a short period of time. But, it never allows rush entry. It always welcomes people serial wise and in a disciplined way. So, it is really a useful gate to regulate large people entrance.

Features provided by the Motorized Tripod Turnstile:

  • It requires a small area to install. So, you can install it in a narrow and congested place also.
  • Maximum motor speed 800 per minute.
  • The gate can pass 25-32 persons per minute.
  • It consumes low energy and requires low maintenance cost.
  • It provides heavy duty and it is enough durable.
  • Allow the person only who has the authorized smart card.
  • It never allows two persons at a time.


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Motorized Tripod Turnstile (Model: TTS450)

Motorized Tripod Turnstile (Model: TTS450)