Retractable Auto Gate (Model: HX-311B)

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Feature:Factory outlets ,Good quality aluminum alloy ,Anti-rust

Standard:1. Power:370W//550W/750W 2. Engine voltage&frenquency :~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz 3. Working temperature:-25-+75°C 4. Operation Current: ≤2.5A×2 5. Move Speed:17-19m/min 6. Standard height:1.6-1.8M 7. Remote control distance:≤50m 8. Max Length:30m 9. Type of track:Trackless, Single track, Double track 10. LED display:Input rolling words, and Static state display. With date & time,Multi-language available,within 8-500 digits can input 11. Motor Overheating Protection 12. Smart Power Outage Clutch can easily change to manual mode during a power outage by insert a special key into the hole of the clutch and turning it at 180 degree 13. Infrared Anti-Collision Device ensures safety of passengers and vehicles 14. Anti-Climb Alarm works while someone climb the gate (optional) 15. Casting aluminum drive and Driven Wheel 16. Gate Material is stronger hardness, anti-rust,anti-collison 17. All plastic spare parts are imported to ensure its long term durability 18. The top and bottom of main material frame with reflector to improve safety 19. Small contraction ratio only cover little space can leave enough space for passing 20. Simple design 21. Wind-resistant device enable the electric gate to operate in strong winds 22.Wireless Remote Control"


Material:Aluminum alloy 603 

Color:as your demand 

Size:Major: 40*35*1.0(mm) ,auxiliary:35*30*1.0 (mm) 

Rated power:370W//550W/750W 

Voltage/ Frequency:~ 220V ± 10% /50Hz

Working Temperature:-25--+75°C

Rated current:2A×2

Moving speed:17-19m/min

Standard height:1.6m

Remote control distance:≤50m

Max length:40m

Type of gilding track:No track, Single track, Double track

Packaging Detail:Inside is carton paper and then sufficient bubble sheets,  outside is wooden case.

LED display:Input rolling words, and Static state display. With date & time available

Delivery time:One sample in 5days,20GP:10-15days

Widely useful for:Government, company, factory, industrial, mining enterprises, institutions

Qty for 20GP : 60-70m

Qty for 40HQ : 90-100m


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Retractable Auto Gate (Model: HX-311B)

Retractable Auto Gate (Model: HX-311B)