Retractable Auto Gate (Model: JG-318)

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Gate is an essential and one of the most important things of your house, commercial building, or any other institute. You can install any gate as you like. But, when you think about security, beauty, and also spaces behind the gate then you should choose the best one. The retractable auto gate is the perfect solution when you don’t have enough space behind the gate or in front.

The gate is made with high-grade stainless steel. And it is designed in a way to provide a strong structure. The manufacturer also uses the high-quality materials and they also make the gate as a strong structure which is very perfect on the gate.

Its wheels are constructed with cast aluminum. And you know aluminum constructed product provides more durability. You can use the gate anywhere even whatever the weather is! You can use the gate from -25 °C to 75 °C. So, you can use the gate in a very cold climate as well as excessive hot temperature also.

The gate collapses automatically just after receiving the signal. You can also control the gate using a remote. You can open and close the gate by the remote from 50-meter away.

The gate also has a LED display which shows the date and time of the day. Its moving speed is 15 to 19m per minute. That means you will not have to open and close the gate quickly.

The maximum length of the gate is 30m which is enough lengthy. And hopefully, it will be really perfect for the large gate also. On the other hand, its height is very standard of about 1.75m. This height is really ideal for a gate.

Structure of the gate is very simple but strong. It is very easy to install the gate on your desired site as well as removing process also. The gate also comes with one year guarantee.

Provable sites to install

This is an ideal gate, so you can use the gate anywhere. But, here we recommend some places where the gate suites perfectly.

  • Educational Institute.
  • Bank.
  • Commercial complex.
  • Stadium.
  • Hospital.
  • Government Institute.
  • Industry.
  • Corporate office.
  • Car parking entries.


Important features to look

  • Easy to install and easy to withdraw.
  • Suitable for any temperature.
  • Long distance (Up to 50m) remote control system.
  • Very strong structure and provide long-lasting services.
  • LED display shows the date and time.
  • Standard length (Max 30m) and height (1.75m).
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • You have the option to choose any color.

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Model: JG-318

Feature: strong structure, water proof, cast aluminum wheels, good quality




  201# 304# stainless steel


Silvery/or as your requirement


 major: 51×50×0.6 (mm),auxiliary:35×44×0.65(mm)





 Engine Voltage and Frequency

 ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz

 Working Temperature:


 Operation Current


 Moving speed


  Standard height


 Remote control distance


 Max length


Type of gilding track

 No track, Single track, Double track

Packaging Detail:

Inside is bubble paper, paper carton, outside is wooden case.

LED display:

Input rolling words, and Static state display. With date & time available

Delivery Detail

1sample 5days,20GP:10-18days

Widely useful for:

Government, company, factory, industrial, mining enterprises, institutions, colleges, stadium and shopping center, car parking main entries and school

Qty for 40GP : 60-70m

Qty for 40HQ : 90-100m

One year guarantee sale after service


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Retractable Auto Gate (Model: JG-318)

Retractable Auto Gate (Model: JG-318)