Sliding Door (Model: SP-280 )

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  • Versatile system for door leaf weights of up to 280kg
  • Universally applicable; one system for entrances of all widths, heights and weights
  • Offers very high door opening and closing speeds of up to 900mm per second
  • 40,000 units sold worldwide since 2006
  • Tested to 3,000,000 cycles

The SP-280 sliding door operator, sold worldwide since 2006, is universally applicable andĀ impressive due to its superior performance. Equipped with power 80W motor, this system that can operate even heavier doors with smooth, robust efficiency. With proven track record in international markets, its high-quality materials and the latest motion sensor technology guarantee a premium performance. Its long working life, universal application and the absolutely smooth and silent door movements make SP-280 instantly recognizable in the industry. It simply cannot fail to impress. It can with gentle ease move heavy door leafs and at the same time, it offers the maximum opening speed in the market. It gives architects and developers a scope for imagination in their projects as it allows for very high and wide opening.


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Sliding Door (Model: SP-280 )

Sliding Door (Model: SP-280 )