Supershop Cold Room for Grape

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Temperature range: -1~0℃, fluctuation range less than 1℃
Humidity range: 85%~95%
Gas composition: O2 (2~3%)  CO2 (3~5%)
Thickness of Cold Room Panel: 100mm,120mm,150mm, 200mm
Material of Panel Surface: Stainless Steel, Color Steel
Thickness of Panel Surface Material: 0.426mm, 0.5mm
Cold Room Door: Hinged door, Swing door, Sliding door

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Commercial Minus Temperature Supershop Cold Room Storage/ freezer is an advance & outstanding place to store frozen grapes and fruits as well as other products. This cold room helps to prevent spoilage of food and can keep your product cool in more times.

Commercial chiller (-1 to -0℃) Cold Room Storage are available in various dimensions. You will be able to choose customized solution to meet the exact demands for the fridge.

Commercial chiller Supershop Cold Room Storage is able to less energy to carry out in only 220 volts, So, it will be surely priceless energy & cost. This cold room storage requires the similar amount of power like those regular freezers we use at home.

Minus temperature cold room will also benefit you. If you purchase your grapes, fruits or dairy products in large amounts. May be you all have to throw away fruits and other products that spoil because you do not store them adequately in your supershop. If you have to reduce costs by maintaining the spoils to a minimum this minus temperature the cold room is the best choice for your super shop & supermarket.

We provide different types of supershop cold room in Bangladesh. You can visit our supershop commercial cold room category for detail.


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