Supershop Commercial Refrigerator (Model: ASECO VC200)

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Brand : Linden
System : Blower
Door : 2 Heater Glass Door Display Chiller or Freezer
Origin : Malaysia
Dimension : 1260mm (W) x 800mm (D) x 2070mm (H)
Gross Capacity : 1065 Liters (Chiller) and 1065 Liters (Freezer)

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Linden are the most well-known companies and suppliers of super shop refrigerator. Mainly, it is used to hold many different dairy items like cheese, Card, liquid milk, drinks and others dairy foods. It is double clear glass door refrigerator and is a great suitability. It has many different styles and types of Door refrigerators. If you are planning to your super shop you will must locate the right refrigerator for dairy product.

For Its Glass Door, customers can see what is available in Shop. These two door display chiller provides you energy efficient, smart & convenience at super shop. The comfort that you can think about a freezer and the beauty what you might need to your entrance of the shop.

Supershop dairy Display Chillers have motorized inflator program feature that keeps the dairy Display fridge effectively free of ice. This motorized inflator program will ensure enough storage space. Clear glass door dairy Display Chillers is a magnetic Machine. This double door dairy display fridge generates the temperature range under its management. Its normal temperature is 32 °C, without load.

Super Shop Double Door Dairy Display Chillers is suitable for drinks, dairy, butter, dairy or anything else. However, when it comes about glass door Dairy Display fridges, they are designed to fit anywhere in your shop. If you are planning to super Shop, think about buying a Dairy Display Chillers.

We provide different types of supershop display chiller and freezer in Bangladesh. You can visit our Supershop Display Chiller and Freezer category for detail.


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