Supershop Island Display Chiller/Freezer-Two Part in Bangladesh

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Island Display Chiller Two part


(-0) ~ (-18) ℃.


stainless Steel


PVC plastic

Available Size

Length-(1570, 2070, 2570) mm

Wide 1070 mm

Height 910 mm

Total Display area(m2)  1.1, 1.4, 1.8
Power 500W, 800W
Compressor Brand Denfoss-Germany

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Product specifications:

Double compressor:   In this Island display has double compressor one unit is uses for a freezing the product another is a backup/gear up compressor. We know in this island freezer is ideal for displaying the frozen/ready made items to keep. So we need to preserve it nicely. If the compressor is not work properly or faces any difficulties the just switch the gear up compressor and helps to reduce the product spoil and remain fresh.

Auto temperature controller:   Temperature control is very much important aspects of a fridge it also reduces the electricity cost.Temperature control is a process in which change of temperature automatically of a space is measured the passage of heat energy into or out of the space is adjusted to achieve a desired average temperature.

Top sliding cover:   This display chiller is used curved heated cover. This glass is helps customer can clearly see the product and open the glass to check the items before purchase.

Dimension:   The standard Length for an island freezer is 5.15(6.79, 8.43) feet Width 3.51 feet and height 2.98 feet is available but size can be customizable.

Temperature:   It has used high quality compressor. The freezing temperature is (-0 to -18)℃. Create higher temperature performance and stability all over the display area.

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  • Gear up compressor

  • Double compressor

  • Two part Island display refrigerator

  • Top cover push to up and down

  • Different color and size

Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller allows display from two sides so that customer can select their item very easily. Everyone can see the items inside. Thus this fridge will work both for display and refrigeration.

It is used to display and sell all kinds of frozen foods, pastries, ice creams, desserts, packaged produce and the marine products and so on when the temperature is -18~-21℃. Single Deck Commercial two part Island Display Refrigerator has the good temperature control and has a gear up compressor. In this refrigerator uses 4 compressor two compressor are working and another two are a backup option when you are faces any difficulties.

Our two part Island Display glass door has two basic Size- 2500mm (8 feet) and 3750mm (12feet). The user can also join together to suit your length requirements.

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