Supershop Flake Ice Maker

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Model : MFI0500
Brand : ICE-O-Matic
Cooling System : Air or water-cooled
Ice Flaking Capacity :
245 kg and 540 lbs per day
Power : 60 Hz model
Dimensions : 21" (533 mm) wide x 24" (610 mm) deep x 27" (686 mm) height

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Flake ice is a soft, snow-like ice that is frequently used in supermarkets to display fish, fresh seafood and meats without damaging the food item. Unlike cubes, flake ice has no hard edges which sometimes bruise the fish or produce.

MFI0500 Supershop Modular Ice Flake Maker machine produce a wide range of flak ice per day and it has also a storage bin is remarkably well built. This machine can produce up to 540 lbs. (245 kg) per day. This model is available in water-cooled or air-cooled configurations. This Commercial Ice cube Machine is reliable electronically control operated along with routine Maintenance visible alarm light on front panel.

(MFI0500) Supershop modular ice flake maker machine heads are popular for some reasons. This modular units and can be repaired and replaced without the need to remove the entire ice making system because the modular or storage bin can be separated from the main machine. Modular ice machine its look like a single piece of equipment but allow for maintenance or upgrade of each unit separately. If you need you can combine different ice machine heads with different storage options for a customized solution for your food service application.

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