Supershop Meat Slicer & Mincer (Model: BJY-MMS300A)

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Model : BJY-MMS300A
Voltage / Phase (V/Ph) : 220-240 / 1
(Kg/hr) - Shredded/Mince : 200
Slicing Capacity :
Wattage (W) :
750 + 750
Machine Dimension (mm) : 550 x 400 x 680
Weight (Kg) : 95

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(Model: BJY-MMS300A) Supershop Meat Slicer & Mincer machine is popular for some reasons. In this machine user can slice meat as well as mince or grind foods such as vegetables, fish, meat and other kinds of similar foods. This machine used in a restaurant, commercial kitchen, butcher shops, delis, farms, and even home use to slice meats, sausages, cheeses and other deli products.

This machine has big capacity for slicing and grinds meat. This machine can slice 400kg per hour and also can Shredded/Mince 200(Kg/hr). This unit's rugged aluminum base and stainless steel food contact areas combine with a powerful gear-driven 1 hp motor and 250mm blade to quickly and consistently get the job done right. Slicing Thickness 10mm.

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